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Table 2 Awareness of specific reporting guidelines among Editors-in-Chief of veterinary journals with previous knowledge of reporting guidelines (n = 23)

From: A survey of the awareness, knowledge, policies and views of veterinary journal Editors-in-Chief on reporting guidelines for publication of research

Reporting guideline Number of respondents* Percentage of respondents*
CONSORT (randomised controlled trials/RCTs) 20 87.0
ARRIVE (research using laboratory animals) 16 69.6
REFLECT (RCTs for livestock and food safety) 12 52.2
STARD (diagnostic accuracy studies) 9 39.1
TREND (non-randomised controlled trials) 9 39.1
PRISMA (systematic reviews and meta-analyses) 8 34.8
COGS (clinical guidelines) 7 30.4
Gold Standard Publication Checklist (animal research) 6 26.1
STROBE (observational studies) 6 26.1
COREQ (qualitative research) 4 17.4
MOOSE (meta-analyses of observational studies in epidemiology) 3 13.0
STREGA (genetic association studies) 2 8.7
  1. *Numbers and percentages add up to more than 23 and 100% respectively because some respondents were aware of more than one reporting guideline.