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Veterinary education

This section covers all aspects of veterinary education research, teaching, training, and policy with an aim to improve and promote teaching excellence across the veterinary profession. Example topics considered by this section include the social science in veterinary education and practice; communication and information sciences; technological impacts on veterinary education and practice; political aspects of veterinary education, regulation, and practice.

  1. The opioid crisis continues to grow in the United States with 46,700 drug overdose deaths due to opioids in 2017 alone. Vet shopping, the practice of soliciting veterinarians for prescription medications, has ...

    Authors: Falguni C. Patel, Jeffrey A. Raines, Richard W. Kim, Karen Gruszynski, Robert E. Davis, Manoj Sharma, Gilbert Patterson, Jason W. Johnson and Vinayak K. Nahar

    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2020 16:210

    Content type: Research article

    Published on: