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Animal ethics, policy and research integrity

Animal ethics, policy and research integrity

This section was created to examine the human-animal relationship with regards to how humans treat animals, and will consider research and opinion articles exploring ethical theories and policies that discuss moral decisions in animal and veterinary research. With animal welfare at the heart of the scope of this section, studies into research integrity practices, including editorial standards and policies that promote or raise awareness about best practice, reproducible science and ethical conduct in animal and veterinary research will also be considered.

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  1. While a necessary step toward enhancing rigor and reproducibility of veterinary clinical trials conducted on the translational spectrum includes understanding the current state of the field, no broad assessmen...

    Authors: Sarah A. Moore, Angela McCleary-Wheeler, Joan R Coates, Natasha Olby and Cheryl London

    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2021 17:90

    Content type: Guidelines

    Published on:

  2. Harmonized institutional processes and reviewer training are vital to maintain integrity and ethical rigor of the veterinary clinical research pipeline and are a prerequisite to future work that might establis...

    Authors: S. A. Moore, A. O’Kell, H. Borghese, R. Garabed, H. O’Meara and P. Baneux

    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2021 17:83

    Content type: Guidelines

    Published on:

  3. In view of the inadequacy and incompleteness of currently-reported animal experiments and their overall poor quality, we retrospectively evaluated the reporting quality of animal experiments published in Chine...

    Authors: Bing Zhao, Yanbiao Jiang, Ting Zhang, Zhizhong Shang, Weiyi Zhang, Kaiyan Hu, Fei Chen, Fan Mei, Qianqian Gao, Li Zhao, Joey S. W. Kwong and Bin Ma

    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2020 16:460

    Content type: Research article

    Published on:

  4. Reproducible science requires transparent reporting. The ARRIVE guidelines (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) were originally developed in 2010 to improve the reporting of animal research. The...

    Authors: Nathalie Percie du Sert, Viki Hurst, Amrita Ahluwalia, Sabina Alam, Marc T. Avey, Monya Baker, William J. Browne, Alejandra Clark, Innes C. Cuthill, Ulrich Dirnagl, Michael Emerson, Paul Garner, Stephen T. Holgate, David W. Howells, Natasha A. Karp, Stanley E. Lazic…

    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2020 16:242

    Content type: Guideline

    Published on:

  5. A round table discussion was held during the LAVA-ESLAV-ECLAM conference on Reproducibility of Animal Studies on the 25th of September 2017 in Edinburgh. The aim of the round table was to discuss how to enhanc...

    Authors: Nicola J. Osborne, Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga, Amrita Ahluwahlia, Sabina Alam, Matthew Brown, Hayley Henderson, Wim de Leeuw, Joan Marsh, David Moher, Erica van Oort, Frances Rawle, Beat M. Riederer, Jose Sanchez-Morgado, Emily S. Sena, Caroline Struthers, Matthew Westmore…

    Citation: BMC Veterinary Research 2017 13:314

    Content type: Editorial

    Published on: