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Table 7 Costs of AI and PD per cow required to achieve conception in cows that did or did not conceive at their first AI (ETB)

From: Success rate of artificial insemination, reproductive performance and economic impact of failure of first service insemination: a retrospective study

Item Unit Value (ETB) /dose Cows that did not conceive at first AI but conceived by 2nd &3rd AI (n = 276) Cows that did conceive at first AI (n = 1776)
AI (semen, technician, straw) 1 straw 75 2.1straw*75 = 157.5 1 straw*75 = 75
PD Number 17/50 2.1 palpation*50 = 105 1 palpation*50 = 50
Total    262.5 125
  1. ETB Ethiopian birr, 1USD = 40ETB (Ethiopian birr) during the study period