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Table 1 DOX-DNA adduct masses detected by untargeted screening from reaction of DOX with purified DNA in the presence of formaldehyde. Only the masses that triggered an MS3 fragmentation event in the DOX-exposed samples, but not in the negative control samples (unreacted DNA and buffer and enzymes used for the DNA hydrolysis) are reported. dR: 2′-deoxyribose, A: adenine, G: guanine, C: cytosine

From: Identification of new candidate biomarkers to support doxorubicin treatments in canine cancer patients

No. Parent Mass (m/z) Product Mass
Neutral Loss Proposed Chemical Formula CT-DNA 14N- and 15N-DNA Coupling
1 340.1609 224.1124 dR C12H20O4N8 x x
2 415.1584 264.1085 G C16H19O4N10 x x
299.1103 dR x x
3 531.2062 415.1577 dR C21H27O7N10 x x
4 582.1646 447.1082 A C5H31O10N17P3 x x
5 598.1609 447.1110 G C15H27O12N12P   x
6 609.1567 458.1090 G C24H17O5N16 x x
7 680.1830 564.1360 dR C27H38O6N7P4 x x
8 735.1529 624.1096 C C28H35O8N8P4   x
9 809.2622 693.2137 dR C26H39O9N18P2 x x