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Table 3 Summary of the experimental design, including populations, factors and levels

From: Mechanical behaviour of healthy versus alkali-lesioned corneas by a porcine organ culture model

Populationsa Factors Levelsb
Healthy-Culture-No (HCN) Population Healthy (H) Lesioned (L)
Healthy-Culture-Yes (HCY) Condition Fresh (F) Culture (C)
Healthy-Fresh-No (HFN) Treatment No (N) Yes (Y)
Healthy-Fresh-Yes (HFY)    
Lesioned-Culture-No (LCN)    
Lesioned-Culture-Yes (LCY)    
Lesioned-Fresh-No (LFN)    
Lesioned-Fresh-Yes (LFY)    
  1. aCombination among 3 factors
  2. bWithin each factor