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Table 1 Age distribution of the examined mandibular cheek teeth

From: Clinical insights into the three-dimensional anatomy of cheek teeth in alpacas based on micro-computed tomography. Part 1: mandibular cheek teeth

     DA range  
Triadan # Teeth Mean standard eruption age Youngest Oldest Mean DA ± sd
Deciduous 07 6 0d 5m22d 3y 1y9m ± 1y
08 6 0d 5m22d 3y 1y9m ± 1y
Permanent 08 8 4y2m15d 15d 11y3m15d 4y2m ± 3y8m
09 10 7 m15d 0d 10y4m15d 3y10m ± 3y10m
10 9 1y8m15d 7 m 13y9m15d 5y9m ± 4y9m
11 8 3y2m15d 1y0m15d 12y3m15d 5y2m ± 3y8m
  1. The mean standard eruption age is calculated based on the reported range of eruption times of each specific tooth [15]. The dental age (DA) is calculated based on the age of the animal and the mean standard eruption age. Dental age is recorded in years (y), months (m) and days (d)