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Table 4 Distribution of Blastocystis sp. in the wildlife in this study

From: Occurrence and molecular characterization of Cryptosporidium spp., Giardia duodenalis, Enterocytozoon bieneusi, and Blastocystis sp. in captive wild animals in zoos in Henan, China

Subtypes Common name (Positive no.) Accession number
ST1 Macaque (6) MT661531; Golden monkey (1) MT661544; Northern pigtail macaque (1) MT661546; Green monkey (2) MT661549; Eastern black-and-white colobus (1) MK930348; Crab-eating macaque (1) MT661550; Japanese macaque (1) MT661551; Northern raccoon (1) MT661552; Squirrel monkey (1) MT661553; White kangaroo (2)
ST2 Chimpanzee (1) MT661543; Pony (2) MT661555; Macaque (2) MT661556
ST3 Macaque (3) MT661530; Chimpanzee (1) MT661540; Orangutan (1) MT661541; Gorilla (1) MT661542; Patas monkey (2) MT661545; Eastern black-and-white colobus (2) MT661547; White browed monkey (2) MT661548
ST5 Giraffe (1) MT661528; leopard (1) MT661529; White kangaroo (5) MT661532; Ostrich (6) MT661533; Sika deer (6) MT661537
ST6 Blue-eared pheasant (1) MT661557; Peafowl (3) MT661558
ST7 Turkey (1) MT661534; Whooper Swan (1) MT661554
ST10 Giraffe (2) MT661527; Sika deer (12) MT661536; Bactrian camel (1) MT661538; Yak (2) MT661539; White-lipped deer (1) MK930352
ST13 White kangaroo (4) MT672637
ST14 Bactrian camel (1) MK930360
  1. Note: New genotypes or new hosts are indicated in bold