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Table 3 Parameters in the LSD dynamics model.

From: Determination of production losses related to lumpy skin disease among cattle in Turkey and analysis using SEIR epidemic model

Dynamics Inputs Values References
Transmission dynamics Population Inputs Size of population 18070500 [25]
Number of initial infections 1 Expert Opinion
  Basic Reproduction Number R0 Measure of contagiousness: the number of secondary infections each infected individual produces. 0.87 [12]
Transmission Times Length of the incubation period 28 (day) [31]
Duration patient is infectious 35 (day) [31]
Clinical Dynamics Mortality Statistics Case fatality rate 9.52 (%) [18]
Time from end of incubation to death 4-6 (weeks) [15]
Recovery Times Recovery Times Length of hospital stay 4-6 (weeks) [15]
Recovery time for mild cases 4-6 (weeks) [15]
Care statistics Hospitalization rate 71.48(%) Calculated From Data Set
Time to hospitalization 30-45 (day) Expert Opinion