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Table 2 Mean values (±SD) of each perfusion-related parameter in the largest ROI MAX and medium-size ROI A, ROI B, and ROI C with their statistical significance

From: Impact of region-of-interest size and location on quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasound of canine splenic perfusion

Variable ROI MAX ROI A ROI B ROI C p-value
Peak (%) 34.43±7.1a 35.31±6.8a 35.72±7.9a 31.89±6.9b 0.035
TTP (s) 45.88±11a 46.01±17a 46.88±11a 44.33±9.1b 0.032
RBF (L/min) 43.11±8.9a 45.67±11a 43.55±9.8a 41.10±8.8b 0.015
MTT (s) 76.09±17a 78.87±18a 78.35±16a 71.56±18b 0.021
RBV 3425.22±1309a 3545.88±1231a 3550.08±1311a 3073.87±1442b 0.003
  1. Different letters (a–b) in the same row indicate significant differences by ANOVA test, followed by Tukey’s post-hoc test (p < 0.05)