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Table 1 Effect of dietary vitamin E and/or selenium supplementation on the body weight (g) of broilers

From: The impact of vitamin E and/or selenium dietary supplementation on growth parameters and expression levels of the growth-related genes in broilers

Control Vit. E Se Vit. E + Se
Initial weight (g) 47.47±0.48 47.60±1.29 47.33±0.87 48.13±1.50
1 week 140.53±1.63 c 152.00±1.15 b 150.00±2.31b 160.00±2.89 a
2 weeks 334.27±1.33d 384.00±2.00b 352.00±1.15c 420.67±2.91a
3 weeks 679.07±1.75d 737.33±0.88b 724.33±2.33c 747.1±1.76a
4 weeks 1095.87±2.31d 1196.67±2.40b 1185.00±2.89 c 1276.67±3.33a
5 weeks 1682.27±1.19d 1850.00±2.89 b 1721.33±1.86 c 1890.00±2.89a
  1. Values are means ± standard error. Mean values with different letters at the same row significantly at (P≤0.05). Vit. E= group supplemented with vitamin E; Se= group supplemented with selenium; Vit. E + Se=group supplemented with vitamin E and selenium