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Table 1 Chemical composition and fatty acid profile of the diet fed to the dogs (EXP1)

From: Effects of silybin supplementation on nutrient digestibility, hematological parameters, liver function indices, and liver-specific mi-RNA concentration in dogs

Item Value
Gross energy (MJ/kg) 21.1
Dry matter (g/kg) 936
Organic matter (g/kg) 867
Crude protein (g/kg) 293
Crude fiber (g/kg) 62.6
Ether extract (g/kg) 138
Crude ash (g/kg) 69.0
FA (g/100 g FA)
 C14:0 1.73
 C16:0 17.99
 C16:1 2.97
 C18:0 10.55
 C18:1 cis 9 31.41
 C18:2 cis 9 cis 12 19.83
 C18:3 cis 9 cis 12 cis 15 5.63
 C20:3n6 1.10
 C20:5n3 0.60
 C22:5n3 0.60
 C22:6n3 0.62
 Other 6.97
  1. Abbreviations: UFA, unsaturated fatty acids; MUFA, monounsaturated fatty acids; PUFA, polyunsaturated fatty acids; MCFA, medium chain fatty acids; LCFA, long chain fatty acids; other FAs include C12:0, C14:1, C15:0, C16:1, C18:1 cis-11, C18:1 cis-15, C24:0, and C24:1