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Table 3 Fourteen-point scale used to grade the features of osteoarthritis and related radiographic signs

From: Locking compression plates versus locking plates for tibial plateau levelling osteotomy in dogs: progression of osteoarthritis, bone healing score and lameness degree

Peri-articular osteophytes, femoral condyles Femoral subtrochlear lysis
Peri-articular osteophytes, proximal tibia Osteophytes, tibial plate
Apical patellar osteophytes Basilar patellar osteophytes
Synovial volume (changes in the shape of the intrapatellar fat pad) Peri-articular osteophytes, femoral trochlea
Distal femoral condylar remodeling Peri-articular osteophytes, fabellae, lateral and medial gastrocnemius and popliteal sesamoids
Cranial apical patellar entesiopathy Periarticular osteophytes, cranio-proximal tibial
Periarticular osteophytes, caudo-proximal tibial Tibial condylar region remodelling