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Table 3 Inter-CC and intra-CC of EI and SR in transverse and longitudinal scans for Group S and Group P (inter-CC interclass correlation coefficient, intra-CC intraclass correlation coefficient, EI elasticity index, SR strain ratio)

From: Elastosonographic features of the metacarpophalangeal joint capsule in horses

   Transverse Scan Longitudinal Scan
Group S Inter-CC of EI 0.94 0.94
Intra-CC of EI 0.98 0.97
Inter-CC of SR 0.84 0.92
Intra-CC of SR 0.98 0.95
Group P Inter-CC of EI 0.57 0.94
Intra-CC of EI 0.94 0.94
Inter-CC of SR 0.69 0.92
Intra-CC of SR 0.81 0.96