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Table 6 Pathotypes, virulence gene profiles, AR gene combinations, phenotypic AR patterns and phylo-groups of potential virulent E. coli isolates from horses

From: Molecular characterization and antimicrobial resistance of potentially human‐pathogenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from riding horses

Pathotype VG profile AR gene profiles Phenotypic AR patterns Phylo-group Sample code
STEC stx1 blaTEM - B1 27 A
  stx1 blaTEM - B1 46 A
  stx1 blaTEM - U 52 A
  stx1 blaTEM AMC B1 45 A
  stx1 blaTEM AMC B1 47 A
  stx1 blaTEM CRO B1 40 A
  stx1 blaTEM CRO B1 41 A
  stx1 blaTEM AK, S B1 58 A
  stx1 blaTEM CRO, AMC, AK B1 39 A
  stx1 blaTEM CRO, AMC B1 28 A
  stx1 blaTEM, sulII - B1 53 A
  stx1 blaTEM, sulII AMC, SXT B1 56 A
  stx1 blaTEM CRO, AMC, AK, CZ, S B1 60 A
  stx1 blaTEM GN, CRO, AMC, AK, CZ, S B1 62 A
  stx1 blaTEM CRO, SXT, AMC, AK, CZ, S B1 57 A
  stx1/stx2 blaTEM, blaCTX−M - B1 42 A
  stx1/stx2 blaTEM CRO B1 68 A
  stx1/eae blaTEM - D 29 A
  stx1/eae blaTEM CRO, AMC, CZ B1 69 A
EPEC eae - CRO, AMC A 23 A
  eae blaTEM - B1 30 A
  eae blaTEM - B1 31 A
  eae blaTEM - B1 32 A