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Table 1 Overview of dogs and samples

From: Immunohistochemical expression of β-catenin, Ki67, CD3 and CD18 in canine colorectal adenomas and adenocarcinomas

Dog no. Breed Gender Age (y) Diagnosisa Tumor location (C/R) Method of sampling Treatment
1 German shepherd M 9 Adenocarcinoma R Surgery Surgery
2 Irish Setter F 10 Adenocarcinoma R Colonoscopy Surgery
3 Shetland sheepdog M 14 Adenocarcinoma C Post mortem Meloxicam
4 English springer spaniel M 8 Adenocarcinoma R Colonoscopy Piroxicam
5 Tibetan spaniel M/N 10 Adenocarcinoma R Postmortem Meloxicam
6 UN M 10 Adenocarcinoma UN UN UN
7 Doberman Pinscher M 7 Adenocarcinoma UN UN UN
8 Great Dane F/N 6 Adenocarcinoma UN UN UN
9 UN M/N 9 Adenocarcinoma UN UN UN
10 UN F 8 Adenocarcinoma R UN UN
11 Longhaired Collie M 13 Adenocarcinoma R UN UN
12 Bernese mountain dog M 5 Adenocarcinoma R UN UN
13 Flatcoated Retriever F 9 Adenocarcinoma UN UN UN
14 German Shepherd F 9 Adenoma UN UN UN
15 Irish Setter M 6 Adenoma UN UN UN
16 English Setter M 8 Adenoma UN UN UN
17 Mixed breed M 10 Adenoma R Surgery UN
18 German Shepherd M 4 Adenoma R Surgery Surgery
19 Staffordshire Bullterrier M 8 Adenoma R Surgery Surgery
20 Papillon M 10 Adenoma R Surgery Surgery
21 Collie Shorthaired M 3 Adenoma R Surgery Surgery
22 Norwegian Lundehund M 7 Adenoma R Colonoscopy Surgery
23 Cocker Spaniel F 10 Adenoma C Colonoscopy no
24 Golden Retriever M 2 Adenoma R Surgery Surgery
25 Bichon Havanais M 5 Adenoma R Colonoscopy Surgery
26 English Setter M 11 Adenoma R Surgery Surgery
27 Gordon Setter F 10 Adenoma R Surgery Surgery
28 Great Dane M 10 Adenoma C Colonoscopy Piroxicam
29 Cocker Spaniel M 12 Adenoma C Colonoscopy no
30 Border Collie F 12 Adenoma R Colonoscopy Surgery
31 English Setter F 8 Adenoma UN UN UN
32 West Highland White Terrier M 15 Respiratory distress NA Post mortem NA
33 Miniature
F 12 Lung tumor NA Post mortem NA
34 Staffordshire Bullterrier F 13 General weakness NA Post mortem NA
35 French Bulldog M 3 Intervertebral disk hernia NA Post mortem NA
36 Alaskan Malamute F 7 Polyneuropathy NA Post mortem NA
37 French Bulldog F 3 Degenerative disk disease NA Post mortem NA
38 Collie, Longhair M UN Epilepsy NA Post mortem NA
39 Pug M 5 Urolithiasis NA Post mortem NA
40 Chihuahua M/N 3 Multiple fractures, RTA NA Post mortem NA
  1. aThe diagnosis was not determined for all control dogs; thus symptoms/syndromes are described in some of the cases
  2. UN Unknown
  3. NA Not applicable
  4. RTA Road traffic accident