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Table 2 Detection of M. hyopneumoniae DNA, IgG and sIgA by nested PCR, a commercial IgG-ELISA, the M. hyopneumoniae convalescent serum IgG-ELISA, and the sIgA-ELISA in laryngeal swabs, sera, and nasal swabs collected from pigs at farm C

From: Development of an indirect ELISA for detection of anti-Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae IgG in naturally infected pathogen-induced convalescent sera

Status Nested PCR Commercial IgG-ELISA M. hyopneumoniae convalescent serum IgG-ELISA SIgA-ELISA
Positive 19 46 73 74
Negative 61 22 7 6
Suspect 0 12 0 0