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Table 4 The main contents of the questionnaire

From: Prevalence, distribution and risk factors for brucellosis infection in goat farms in Ningxiang, China

Categories Questions
Basic producer information How many goats on the farm?
Are the goats ranged all the time?
Any other species on the farm?
Self-breeding or not?
Introduction Did you introduce in the past 12 months?
Did you sell any goats in the past 12 months?
Whether have quarantine field on the farm?
Biosecurity practices Whether clean and disinfect the lambing pen or field?
Whether have separated lambing pen or field on the farm?
Do you ask visitors to clean and disinfect their clothing/boots before they enter the farm?
How often do you disinfect the pens?
What do you do with the sick or dead goats?
  1. All the owners of the sampled farms were invited to accept an interview with the questionnaire, although the response to the questionnaire was voluntary. A total of 213 farms completed the questionnaire. The survey was part of the national surveillance plan for major animal diseases, 2015, and all the activities follow the ethics requirement of the plan.