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Table 3 Bacterial pathogens used for the development the custom MSP database. The isolates were obtained from cultured Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus, red tilapia Oreochromis spp., barramundi Lates calcarifer, hybrid catfish Clarias macrocephalus × C. gariepinus, and Snakehead fish Channa striata

From: Identification of bacterial pathogens in cultured fish with a custom peptide database constructed by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)

Bacterial speciesIsolate numberYearSourceRegion
S. agalactiaeS147-J2013Nile tilapiaWestern Thailand
S183-J2015Red tilapiaCentral Thailand
S187-J2017Nile tilapiaEastern Thailand
S190-J2018Red tilapiaSouthern Thailand
SV1/1-J2018Nile tilapiaNorthern Vietnam
S. iniaeNS12-J2007Red tilapiaNortheastern Thailand
NS70-J2012Nile tilapiaNortheastern Thailand
NS74-J2014BarramundiEastern Thailand
NS76-J2014BarramundiEastern Thailand
NS185-J2018BarramundiEastern Thailand
A. hydrophilaA28-J2011Nile tilapiaEastern Thailand
A29-J2011Hybrid catfishEastern Thailand
A49-J2013Red tilapiaCentral Thailand
A50-J2015Nile tilapiaEastern Thailand
A84-J2017Snakehead fishCentral Thailand
A. veroniiSB1-J2017Nile tilapiaEastern Thailand
SB2-J2017Nile tilapiaEastern Thailand
SB3-J2018BarramundiEastern Thailand
SB4-J2019BarramundiEastern Thailand
SB7-J2019Red tilapiaEastern Thailand
E. tardaEd10-J2012Hybrid catfishCentral Thailand
Ed12-J2013Hybrid catfishCentral Thailand
Ed14-J2015Nile tilapiaEastern Thailand
Ed16-J2016Nile tilapiaEastern Thailand
Ed18-J2017Nile tilapiaCentral Thailand