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Table 7 The number and percentage of working farm dogs stratified by the types of foods comprising their most recent meal at the time of their enrolment to the study. Data were collected from 641 working farm dogs enrolled in TeamMate. Combinations of foods that were fed to fewer than 10 dogs are combined and listed as ‘Other combinations’

From: TeamMate: a longitudinal study of New Zealand working farm dogs. I. Methods, population characteristics and health on enrolment

Most recent mealDogs% (95% CI)
Meat only24238 (34–42)
Dry commercial food only20732 (29–36)
Meat and dry dog food8513 (11–16)
Dry and wet dog foods254 (2–5)
Wet dog food only142 (1–3)
Meat, dry and wet dog foods132 (1–3)
Dry and other commercial foods102 (1–3)
Other combinations305 (3–6)