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Table 5 Number and percentage of working farm dogs (n = 641) stratified by health management, registration status and housing. Data were collected from 641 working farm dogs enrolled in TeamMate. Details about kennel construction were obtained in relation to 393 dogs that were enrolled during the first round of farm visits. Percentages do not add up to 100% because of incomplete recording of data

From: TeamMate: a longitudinal study of New Zealand working farm dogs. I. Methods, population characteristics and health on enrolment

VariablesDogs% (95% CI)
Vaccination status
 Only vaccinated as pup29045 (41–49)
 Never vaccinated7712 (9–15)
 Interval other than yearly6110 (7–12)
 Yearly589 (7–11)
 Sporadically335 (3–7)
 Owner unsure of vaccination status6510 (8–12)
Dog insured
 Yes21333 (30–37)
 No37358 (54–62)
Council registration
 Yes41865 (62–69)
 No12820 (17–23)
Wears a coat
 Yes15424 (21–27)
 No33352 (48–56)
Bedding in kennel provided
 Yes27944 (40–47)
 No31149 (45–52)
Kennel construction
 Source of kennels
  Commercial26668 (63–72)
  Home–made12031 (26–35)
 Kennel type
  Motel with individual run28272 (67–76)
  Kennel with chain10426 (22–31)
 Kennel elevated from ground
  Yes36292 (89–85)
  No195 (3–7)
 Kennel insulated
  Yes5514 (11–17)
  No32081 (78–85)