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Table 4 Number and percentage (with 95% CI) of Heading dogs (n = 314) and Huntaways (n = 308) stratified by the ways in which they were trained to move stock. Data were collected from 641 working farm dogs enrolled in TeamMate. Percentages do not add up to 100% as many dogs were trained to carry out more than one mode of work

From: TeamMate: a longitudinal study of New Zealand working farm dogs. I. Methods, population characteristics and health on enrolment

Mode of workHeading dogsHuntaways
n% (95% CI)n% (95% CI)
Head29193 (90–96)8126 (21–31)
Hunt175 (3–8)28492 (89–95)
Yard work5217 (12–21)25382 (78–86)
Catch13242 (37–48)4414 (10–18)
Not reported175165