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Table 11 The number and percentage of working farm dogs with reported abnormal findings associated with the skin, eyes and reproductive systems. Data were collected from 641 working farm dogs that were enrolled in TeamMate. Types of clinical abnormalities that were recorded in fewer than 10 dogs are combined and listed as ‘Other’. Note that dogs could be recorded to have more than one clinical abnormality

From: TeamMate: a longitudinal study of New Zealand working farm dogs. I. Methods, population characteristics and health on enrolment

Type of abnormal findingDogs% (95% CI)
 Callous10016 (13–18)
 Scar9815 (13–18)
 Laceration6811 (8–13)
 Inflammation315 (3–6)
 Mass305 (3–6)
 Alopecia284 (3–6)
 Infection122 (1–3)
 Other213 (2–5)
 Opacity376 (4–8)
 Scarring102 (1–3)
 Other254 (2–5)
Reproductive system
 Mammary tumour213 (2–5)
 Other244 (2–5)