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Table 5 Comparison of statistical power of three different macroscopic outcome variables1

From: Developing an experimental necrotic enteritis model in turkeys - the impact of Clostridium perfringens, Eimeria meleagrimitis and host age on frequency of severe intestinal lesions

GroupTurkey ageClostridium perfringens inoculationNo. of turkeysMedian (mean) lesion score% severe lesions% pseudomembrane or ulcer/depression
03 weeksNo241.5a (1.33)4.2a< 4.2a
1 Yes232.0ab (1.61)8.7ab< 4.4a
25 weeksNo23/2422.0bc (2.04)41.7b16.7a
3 Yes253.0c (2.64)76.0c56.0b
  1. 1Median score, percentage of birds with severe lesions and percentage of birds with pseudomembrane/ulcer/mucosal depression as outcome variables. Four combinations of turkey age (3-week-old or 5-week-old) and Clostridium perfringens inoculation (with or without Clostridium perfringens inoculation) as study variable. Data from experiment 9. All birds were Eimeria meleagrimitis-inoculated (10 or 20 thousand oocysts per turkey), 2 Data from 23 turkeys for ‘score’ variable (missing value for one turkey), and from 24 turkeys for ‘% severe lesions’ and ‘% pseudomembrane or ulcer/depression’
  2. a-cDunn’s test for multiple comparisons. Different letters indicate significant (p < 0.05) difference