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Table 2 Echocardiographic parameters and the blood pressure of the studied animals divided into study groups

From: Antioxidant defence and oxidative stress markers in cats with asymptomatic and symptomatic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a pilot study

VariableHCMSUB-HCMControlp value
total number81111
LA/Ao2.42 (1.42–4.53)Controls1.6 (1.25–1.96)Controls1.3 (0.88–1.48)HCM, SUB-HCM.0001
LVIDd14 (9–23.6)12.8 (10.1–17.5)13.9 (12.4–20.3).3
IVSd6.9 (4.4–8.8)Controls6.1 (3.9–7.5)Controls4.2 (3–5.3)HCM, SUB-HCM.0002
LVPWd7.65 (4.9–8.3)Controls5.8 (3.7–7.4)4 (2.9–5.6)HCM.0014
LVIDs6.1 (2.2–12.8)5.3 (3.6–9.1)8.1 (5.4–11.3).07
IVSs8.55 (5.8–10.2)7.5 (5.7–9.3)7 (5.3–9.3).36
LVPWs9.95 (7.4–13.4)Controls8.1 (6.4–10.5)6.4 (5.1–9.6)HCM.0012
HR203 (162–265)222 (136–285)214 (154–234).52
SAP [mmHg]110 (95–136)SUB-HCM139 (110–146)HCM128 (90–150).03
  1. Data are presented as median (range). Abbreviations: LA/Ao left atrium to aorta ratio, LVIDd left ventricular inner diameter in diastole, IVSd intraventricular septum in diastole, LVOTO left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, HR heart rate, SAP systolic arterial pressure. M-Mode heart dimensions were measured in the subvalvular region