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Table 6 Blood plasma variables

From: Choline supplementation prevents diet induced gut mucosa lipid accumulation in post-smolt Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

 LFaLFCbPooled SEMP-valuec
Glucose (mmol/L) d5.35.90.22< 0.001
Free Fatty Acids (mmol/L) d0.
 Total CH (mmol/L) d8.311.11.74< 0.001
 Total TAG (mmol/L) d3.
 Bile salts (μmol/l) d20198.470.822
 Sitosterol (μg/ml) f71616.980.204
 Campesterol (μg/ml) f18822427.40.342
 Lathosterol (μg/ml) f3.89.20.48< 0.001
 C4 (μg/ml) f0.
Oxysterols (ng/ml) e
  1. aLow fishmeal diet
  2. bCholine supplemented low fishmeal diet
  3. cP-values in bold indicate significant differences between the two treatments; italicized values represent trends
  4. dMeasured for n = 20 per diet
  5. eLipoprotein and oxysterol profiles were measured in pooled samples of n = 5 per diet
  6. fMeasured for n = 10 per diet. Mean values with their standard errors