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Table 5 Gene expression profiling of liver samples by qPCR

From: Choline supplementation prevents diet induced gut mucosa lipid accumulation in post-smolt Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Gen category and functionGen symbolFold changeaP-valueb
Lipid uptake and transport
 Fatty acid transportercd360.9480.711
 Fatty acid transporterfatp0.9920.923
 Lipoprotein componentapo(B100)liver0.9960.983
 Lipid droplet componentplin21.6260.013
 Nuclear receptor – regular of lipid metabolismpparα0.6600.182
 Nuclear receptor – regular of lipid metabolismpparγ0.9730.834
Phosphatidylcholine synthesis
 Phosphatidylcholine biosynthesispemt0.9980.988
 Phosphatidylcholine biosynthesischk0.5050.116
 Phosphatidylcholine biosynthesispcyt1a0.9230.597
Cholesterol metabolismabc1a10.8510.310
 Bile acid nuclear receptorfxr1.1540.265
 Cholesterol biosynthesishmgcr0.9360.479
 Cholesterol biosynthesiscyp7a10.9250.580
 Cholesterol efflux transporterabca10.8550.289
 Cholesterol efflux transporter   
 Cholesterol efflux transporterabcg51.0630.601
 Cholesterol transporternpc1l10.9550.776
 Nuclear receptor - regular of lipid and sterol metabolismlxr0.8370.156
 Nuclear receptor - regular of lipid and sterol metabolismsrebp10.9440.851
 Nuclear receptor - regular of lipid and sterol metabolismsrebp21.1740.405
ROS metabolism / antioxidant
 Superoxide dismutationsod30.7390.374
Nuclear receptor – control of gene transcription
 Transcription factorrxr0.7890.104
Mannose metabolism
  1. aValues are mean fold change observed in the choline diet fed group in comparison with those in the control group
  2. bP-values in bold indicate significant differences between the two treatments; italicized values represent trends