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Table 1 Formulation and chemical composition of the experimental diets

From: Choline supplementation prevents diet induced gut mucosa lipid accumulation in post-smolt Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

DietsLF aLFC b
Ingredients (g/kg)
 Super Prime fra Peruc5050
 Nordic LT 94 fishmeal d5050
 Soya 60% (SPC) e190194
 Maize Gluten f150150
 Pea Protein 50 g130130
 Dehulled Beans h140130
 Wheat Gluten i19.719.7
 Fish oil (Standard) j76.777.1
 Rapeseed oil k176177
 Amino Acid mix l12.412.4
 Mineral mix l3.03.0
 Monocalcium phosphate l18.218.2
 Lucantin Pink CWD 10% l0.40.4
 Yttrium m0.50.5
 Choline chloride 70%04.0
Analyzed chemical composition (g/kg)
 Total choline (mg/kg)9444250
Total methionine9.19.4
Total cysteine5.15.8
  1. aLow fishmeal diet
  2. bCholine supplemented low fishmeal diet
  3. cSupplied by Kôster Marine Proteins GmbH
  4. dSupplied by Norsildmel AS
  5. eSupplied by Selecta S/A, Avenida Jamel Ceilio, 2496 – 12th region. SPC, soya protein concentrate
  6. fSupplied by Cargill Nordic
  7. gSupplied by DLG Food Grain
  8. hSupplied by HC Handelscenter
  9. iSupplied by Roquette
  10. jSupplied by FF Skagen
  11. kSupplied by Emmelev
  12. lSupplemented to meet the requirements
  13. mInert marker for the evaluation of nutrient digestibility