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Table 2 Measurements in Year 2 using the Modified Knott’s test

From: Feasibility and comparative analysis of Dirofilaria immitis microfilaria freezing and fixation for student instruction and assessment of clinical parasitology skills

Assay typeDiagnosticians (n = 2)Students (n = 118)n
Non-cryopreserved mf, 2% formalin306.25.5302.88.322
Non-cryopreserved mf, 2% acetic acid298.35.8297.38.321
Cryopreserved mf, 2% formalin281.25.5277.86.423
Cryopreserved mf, 2% acetic acid283.05.4256.76.328
  1. n- total number of students evaluating the sample and fixative
  2. Measurements in microns