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Table 4 Composition of the diet offered to commercial Large White x Duroc pigs at the fattening and finishing stage of the production system. aFattening stage: include pigs between 60 and 100 days of age. Finishing stage: include pigs with more than 100 days of age. bFrom a premix provided per tn of feed: Cu (from CuSO4·5H2O); Zn (from ZnO2); Se (from Na2SeO3)

From: Analytical characterization of trace elements (zinc, copper, cadmium, lead and selenium) in saliva of pigs under common pathological conditions in the field: a pilot study

StageaNutrient and analytical composition (%)Trace elements composition (g)b
Crude proteinFatCrude fibreAshStarchCaPNaCuZnSe