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Table 1 Assessment of the intra-assay precision of the FAAS assay for the measurement of Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb and Se in saliva samples of pigs

From: Analytical characterization of trace elements (zinc, copper, cadmium, lead and selenium) in saliva of pigs under common pathological conditions in the field: a pilot study

MeasurementsMean (SD)CV (%)Overall CV (%)
Zn (μg/mL)High content3.10 (0.21)6.685.02
Low content0.35 (0.01)3.36
Cu (μg/mL)High content0.30 (0.02)8.298.14
Low content0.15 (0.012)7.99
Cd (ng/mL)High content1.28 (0.041)3.215.96
Low content0.33 (0.028)8.71
Pb (ng/mL)High content39.55 (1.123)2.845.35
Low content2.45 (0.193)7.85
Se (ng/mL)High content7.90 (0.634)8.026.75
Low content3.15 (0.173)5.49