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Table 7 Primary and secondary antibodies with dilution factor and manufacturing company

From: Molecular alterations of the TLR4-signaling cascade in canine epilepsy

Primary antibodyDilutionManufacturerSecondary antibodyDilutionManufacturer
monoclonal mouse anti-Hsp70/72; C92F3A-51:100Enzo Life Sciences, Lörrach, GermanyBiotinylated goat-anti-mouse1:200Dianova / Jackson GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
monoclonal mouse anti-TLR4; sc-293,0721:500Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Heidelberg, GermanyBiotinylated goat-anti-mouse, Vector BA-92001:500BIOZOL Diagnostica Vertrieb GmbH, Eching Germany
polyclonal rabbit anti-HMGB1; ab2271681:100Abcam, Cambridge, UKBiotinylated goat-anti-rabbit, 111–065-0031:500Dianova / Jackson GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
monoclonal mouse anti-NeuN; MAB3771:100Millipore/ Merck Chemicals GmbH, Darmstadt, GermanyBiotinylated goat-anti-mouse1:500Vector Laboratories, Burlingame, California, USA