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Table 4 Factor Description

From: Increasing adoption rates at animal shelters: a two-phase approach to predict length of stay and optimal shelter allocation

Variable Description Variable Type
Type Cat or Dog Categorical
Breed Breed of the animal (e.g., labrador retriever, beagle) Categorical
Color Color of the animal (e.g., black, brown, white, multi-colored) Categorical
Gender Gender of the animal (male/female) Categorical
Age Age of the animal categorized as
puppy/kitten, adult, senior, and super senior
Location Shelter location where dog or cat is housed Categorical
Outcome Type End outcome after the animal is brought into the shelter (euthanized, adopted, and returned) Categorical
Length of Stay The time that the animal spends in shelter categorized as low, medium, high, and very high (i.e., euthanized) Categorical