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Table 2 iPSC characterization (specific to articles that investigated chimerism)

From: The use of induced pluripotent stem cells in domestic animals: a narrative review

Origin cell type Suggested pluripotent state iPSC characterization criteria Reference
Pluripotency markers Embryoid bodies Teratomas Chimeras Germline transmission
 Adult MSCs Primed Yes Yes Not tested Yes Yes [57, 116]
 Fetal fibroblasts Naïve Yes Yes Yes Yes; limited to blastocyst Not tested [117]
 Fetal fibroblasts Naïve Yes Yes No Yes, limited to fetus Not tested [40]
 Fetal fibroblasts Primed Yes Yes Yes Yes; but low contribution at birth Not tested [108]
 Fetal fibroblasts Primed Yes Yes Not tested Yes Not tested [20]