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Table 5 Reference strains used in this study

From: Molecular detection and genetic characterization of infectious laryngotracheitis virus in poultry in Myanmar

Virus strains Origin Country Accession
14.939 Field strain U.S. MF417811
1874C5 Field strain U.S. JN542533
USDA Challenge strain U.S. JN542534
81,658 Field strain U.S. JN542535
63,140 Field strain U.S. JN542536
CL9 Field strain Australia JN804827
V1–99 Field strain Australia JX646898
A20 Vaccine strain Australia JN596963
Serva Vaccine strain Australia HQ630064
LJS09 Field strain China JX458822
WG Field strain China JX458823
K317 Vaccine strain China JX458824
0206/14/Ko Field strain Korea MH937564
30,678/14/Ko Field strain Korea MH937565
40,798/10/Ko Field strain Korea MH937566
TCO-IVAX Vaccine strain U.S. JN580312
CEO-TRVX Vaccine strain U.S. JN580313
Gallid herpesvirus 1 N/A N/A NC006623 a
  1. N/A Not applicable
  2. aThe ILTV DNA sequence was assembled from 14 published ILTV sequences [36]