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Table 3 Nucleotide sequence alignment of gB, gG and gJ gene fragments from the isolates in Myanmar, vaccines strains and other ILTV strains

From: Molecular detection and genetic characterization of infectious laryngotracheitis virus in poultry in Myanmar

Name of strains Nucleotide position from ATGa
gB gG gJ
1931 66 102 173 292 344 461 484 765 777 832 878 894
Farm Ya-1 C G C T C T A C C C A T G
Farm Ya-2 -b
Farm Ya-4
Farm Ya-5 T G T
Farm Ya-8
Farm Ma-2
MF417811_USA/14.939 A G T
JN542533_USA/1874C5 G A T T
JN542535_USA/81658 T A G T T C
JN542536_USA/63140 A G T
JN804827_Australia/CL9 A G T
JX646898_Australia/V1–99 G G A G T T
JN596963_Australia/A20 vaccine G G A G T T
HQ630064_Australia/Serva vaccine T A G T
JX458822_China/LJS09 T A G T
JX458823_China/WG G G A G T T
JX458824_China/K317 vaccine T A G
MH937564_Korea T A G T
MH937565_Korea G G A G T T
MH937566_Korea T A G
JN580312/TCO vaccine-IVAX T A G T T C
JN580313/CEO vaccine-TRVX T A G
NC006623_USA T A G T T C
  1. aThe sequence of each gene (gB, gG and gJ genes) with Genbank accession number NC_006623 was taken as a reference
  2. b-Regions where the sequences are identical to those of Farm Ya-1