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Table 4 Selection frequencies (%) Ŧ of most used search methods (up to two [2] options) (Q13) most used scientific journals for infectious disease information (up to three [3] options) (Q14), number of journals with subscription access (Q15), frequency of blocked full text access (Q16), awareness of article retrieval service (Q17), and conference attendance (Q24), by role

From: Veterinarian barriers to knowledge translation (KT) within the context of swine infectious disease research: an international survey of swine veterinarians

  1. † Indirect oversight = non-practitioner that provides 1000 sows worth or less with direct veterinary services
  2. †† Direct oversight = practitioner or a non-practitioner that provides > 1000 sows worth with direct veterinary services. Ŧ Cells are color conditioned on blue to white with higher percentages as darkest blue
  3. JSHAP = Journal of Swine Health and Production, JAVMA = Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, JVDI = Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation