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Table 2 List of the representative of all 24 known ASFV isolates from different locations and isolates characterized from this study used and ASFV genetically characterized in the present study based on partial B646L (p72) genotypes for evolutionary analysis

From: Persistent domestic circulation of African swine fever virus in Tanzania, 2015–2017

Host species Isolate Year of Isolation Town/District Country GenBank Accession number p72 genotype Reference
Pig TAN/10/Kyela 2010 Kyela Tanzania JX391987 II [17]
Pig TAN/11/Ludewa 2011 Ludewa Tanzania JX391990 II [17]
Pig TAN/12/Ifakara 2012 Ifakara Tanzania JX391992 II [17]
Pig TAN/13/Iringa 2013 Iringa Tanzania KF834193 II Unpublished
DP CN201801 2018 Shenbei China MH722357 II [15]
WB Belgium/2018/Etalle 2018 Etalle Belgium MH998358 II [26]
DP Abk07 2007 Gulripish Georgia JX857509 II [13]
DP Tver0712/Les 2012 Lesnoi Russia KJ627210 II [13]
DP Bel13/Grodno 2013 Grodno Belarus KJ627214 II [13]
EWB LT14/1482 2014 Alytus County Lithuania KJ627216 II [13]
EWB Pol14/Krus 2014 Kruszyniany Poland KJ627218 II [13]
DP TAN/16/Mbarali 2016 Mbarali Tanzania MF437296 II This study
DP TAN/16/Tukuyu 2016 Tukuyu Tanzania MF437295 II This study
DP TAN/16/Uyole 2016 Uyole Tanzania MF437294 II This study
DP TAN/17/Kalambo 2017 Kalambo Tanzania MF437304 II This study
DP TAN/17/Ileje 2017 Ileje Tanzania MF437301 II This study
DP TAN/17/Mbozi 2017 Mbozi Tanzania MF437303 II This study
DP TAN/17/Kongwa 2017 Kongwa Tanzania MF437299 II This study
DP TAN/17/Dodoma 2017 Dodoma Tanzania MF437309 II This study
DP TAN/17/Mpwapwa 2017 Mpwapwa Tanzania MF437307 II This study
DP TAN/17/Gairo 2017 Gairo Tanzania MF437302 II This study
DP TAN/17/Mbagala 2017 Mbagala Tanzania MF437300 II This study
DP TAN/17/Mazimbu 2017 Mazimbu Tanzania MF437306 II This study
DP TAN/17/Mzumbe 2017 Mzumbe Tanzania MF437310 II This study
DP TAN/17/Morogoro 2017 Morogoro Tanzania MF437305 II This study
DP TAN/17/Kibaha 2017 Kibaha Tanzania MF437308 II This study
DP TAN/15/Bukoba 2015 Bukoba Tanzania MF437290 IX This study
DP TAN/16/Magu 2016 Magu Tanzania MF437297 IX This study
DP Ug03H.2 2003 Hoima Uganda FJ154429 IX [27]
WH Ken08WH/8 2008 Machakos Kenya HM745287 IX [19]
DP CON09/Abo 2009 Abo, Cuvette Rep. Congo HQ645946 IX [19]
DP TAN 2005.1 2005 Mwanza Tanzania JX403640 IX Unpublished
DP TAN/16/Ngara 2016 Ngara Tanzania MF437293 X This study
DP TAN/16/Babati 2016 Babati Tanzania MF437298 X This study
DP TAN/15/Mwanza 2015 Mwanza Tanzania MF437291 X This study
DP TAN/15/Manyoni 2015 Manyoni Tanzania MF437292 X This study
DP TAN/15/Kigoma 2015 Kigoma Tanzania MF437289 X This study
DP BUR/1/84 1984 NK Burundi AF449463 X [11]
WH TAN/Kwh12 1968 Serengeti National Park Tanzania AF301546 X [24]
Tk KIRT/894 1989 Serengeti National Park Tanzania AY351513 X [24]
WH KIRW/891 1989 Serengeti National Park Tanzania AY351514 X [24]
DP BUR/903 1990 Muyinga Burundi AY351525 X [24]
Tk Ken08Tk.2/1 2008 Machakos Kenya HM745275 X [19]
Tk TAN 2004.1 2004 Kigoma Tanzania JX403648 X Unpublished
WH TAN/09/Longido 2009 Longido Tanzania JX262383 X [21]
WH TAN/13/Moshi 2013 Moshi Tanzania KF706360 X [22]
DP TAN/13/Rombo 2013 Rombo Tanzania KF706361 X [22]
DP TAN/13/Machame 2013 Machame Tanzania KF706362 X [22]
DP TAN/13/Arusha 2013 Arusha Tanzania KF706363 X [22]
DP TAN/08/Mazimbu 2008 Mazimbu Tanzania GQ410765 XV [17]
DP Tan/1/01 2001 Dar es Salaam Tanzania AY494552 XV [24]
DP Tan/2003/01 2003 Arusha Tanzania AY494550 XVI [24]
DP Lisbon/60 1960 Lisbon Portugal AF301539 I [11]
WH BOT/1/99 1999 Sherwood Botswana AF504886 III [11]
WH RSA/1/99/W 1999 Thabazimbi South Africa AF449477 IV [11]
DP MAL/2002/1 2002 Mpemba Malawi AY494553 V [24]
DP MOZ/94/8 1994 Manica Mozambique AF270712 VI [28]
DP RSA/1/98 1998 Potgietersrus South Africa AF302818 VII [28]
DP Malawi/1978 1978 NK Malawi AF270707 VIII [28]
DP MOZ-A/98 1998 Tete Mozambique AY274452 VIII [28]
Tk KAB/62 1983 Livingstone Zambia AY351522 XI [24]
Tk MFUE6/1 1982 Mfue Zambia AY351561 XII [24]
Tk SUM/1411 1983 Sumbu Park Zambia AY351542 XIII [24]
Tk NYA/12 1986 Kalumo Zambia AY351555 XIV [24]
DP TAN/1/01 2001 Dar es Salaam Tanzania AY494552 XV [24]
DP TAN/2003/1 2003 Arusha Tanzania AY494550 XVI [24]
DP ZIM/92/1a 1992 Gweru Midlands Zimbabwe DQ250119 XVII [8]
DP NAM/1/95 1995 Windhoek Namibia DQ250122 XVIII [8]
DP SPEC/125 1987 Ellisras South Africa DQ250112 XIX [8]
DP RSA/1/95 1995 Hoiedspruit South Africa DQ250123 XX [8]
DP SPEC/53 1985 Letaba South Africa DQ250111 XXI [8]
DP SPEC/245 1992 Louis Trichardt South Africa DQ250117 XXII [8]
DP ET13/1504 2013 Debre Zeit Ethiopia KU291454 XXIII [9]
SF MOZ_16/2006 2006 Gorongosa National Park Mozambique KY353995 XXIV [10]
  1. DP Domestic pigs, WB Wild boars, EWB European wild boars, WH Warthogs, SF Soft ticks, NK Not known