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Table 2 Effects of inorganic selenium and different sources of bacterial organic selenium on plasma immunoglobulin levels in broiler chickens

From: Influence of bacterial organic selenium on blood parameters, immune response, selenium retention and intestinal morphology of broiler chickens

Dietary Treatments1
Parameters T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 SEM P -value
DAY 21
 IgG (mg/mL) 133.1b 364.6a 298.5ab 298.7ab 372.0a 33.38 0.032
 IgA (ug/mL) 763.8b 743.0b 1335.7a 754.8b 1085.2ab 70.78 0.022
 IgM (ug/mL) 481.6c 552.2ab 502.7b 608.4a 508.5b 37.13 0.041
DAY 42
 IgG (mg/mL) 258.4b 469.0a 454.4a 450.1a 476.4a 25.66 0.045
 IgA (ug/mL) 1156.9b 1294.5a 1202.4a 1193.4a 1117.6a 75.01 0.014
 IgM (ug/mL) 690.5b 840.9a 760.1a 719.3a 709.0a 27.63 0.007
  1. 1T1; basal diet, T2; basal diet + 0.3 mg/ kg feed sodium selenite, T3; basal diet + 0.3 mg/ kg feed ADS1 Se, T4; basal diet + 0.3 mg/ kg feed ADS2 Se, T5; basal diet + 0.3 mg/ kg feed ADS 18 Se
  2. a,b,c Means in the same column with different superscripts are significantly different