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Table 1 Postmortem necropsy findings

From: Intentional Carbofuran poisoning in 7 dogs

External Musculo-scheletal Gastrointestinal and liver Cardiovascular Respiratory Urinary Central nervous System
I Pink colored foreign substance (abundant) staying the fur around the mouth and muzzle No significant findings Pink colored foreign substance (abundant) staying the GI content (mainly bread) and mucosa of the upper GI
Diffuse, acute, minimal hepatic congestion
No significant findings Congestion and acute pulmonary edema (diffuse, acute) Renal severe congestion, cortical- tubular necrosis (bilateral, diffuse, severe) Meningeal cerebral congestion (diffuse, mild)
II Pink-coloring the fur around the muzzle and on parts of the fur with a pink substance
Conjunctiva hemorrhage of the third eyelid, acute, severe bilateral hyphema
Thoracic-cervical muscular and subcutaneous hemorrhages, petechial and ecchymosis (associated with hemorrhagic lymph nodes)
Hemorrhagic joint fluid
Pink colored foreign substance admixed with chicken meat, feathers and corn within the pharynx, esophagus and stomach
Diffuse gastric and small intestinal congestion
Hemorrhagic pericardial content Trachea: diffuse congestion (severe)
Parietal sub pleural hemorrhages,
Lung: Bilateral, multifocal-coalescing (ecchymosis) pulmonary acute hemorrhages, with diffuse congestion and edema (severe);
Renal Congestion;
Urinary bladder: sub mucosal ecchymosis
Meningeal cerebral congestion and hemorrhage, diffuse, bilateral, acute, severe
III Unilateral bulbar conjunctiva congestion No significant findings Pharynx diffuse congestion and edema
Oral, esophageal and gastric contents with pink chicken carcass residue
Focal small intestinal hemorrhages (trans mural)
Hemorrhagic pericardial content
Aortic valvular diffuse edema
Larynx and trachea: diffuse congestion (severe)
Acute, severe, bilateral pulmonary congestion and edema of the bronchi and trachea
Multifocal perivascular cortico-medullary hemorrhages Meningeal cerebral congestion
IV Pink coloring of the fur Severe, unilateral hyphema,
No significant findings Pharyngeal, Esophageal and gastric contents of chicken carcass debris soaked in a pink substance
Externally expressed lower digestive (colon) hemorrhages
No significant findings Pulmonary edema Sub mucosal hemorrhages (paint brush) Congestion Congestion
V Pink bright substance on the fur and muzzle Severe, acute, bilateral hyphema
No significant findings Gastric pink food contenting the oral cavity on the esophageal level
Gastro intestinal and splenic diffuse congestion
Pericardial hemorrhagic content Acute, severe, bilateral pulmonary hemorrhages, confluent suffusions, edema in the main bronchi and trachea Sub mucosal multifocal congestion (minimal) Acute, bilateral, diffuse meningeal cerebral hemorrhage
Diffuse brain edema
VI Foamy salivation, epistaxis, oral cavity hemorrhages, diffuse uveal congestion and hyphema Acute muscular hemorrhages, axillary area Pink colored foreign substance (abundant) staying the gastric and duodenal content (bread) and mucosa Subepicardial congestion, and sub endocardia hemorrhages (suffusions) (RV and A); aortic valvular diffuse edema Trachea: diffuse congestion (severe)
Lung: Multifocal-coalescing (ecchymosis) pulmonary acute hemorrhages, with diffuse congestion and edema (severe); diffuse alveolar emphysema
Congestion Meningeal congestion (diffuse, mild)
VII Epistaxis, diffuse uveal congestion and hyphema Acute muscular hemorrhages thoracic-abdominal and lumbar (massive) Gastric mucosa congestion (diffuse); gastric content-plastic (possible carbofuran container) admixed with meat (presumably bite), hair, grass and blood Subepicardial hemorrhages (ecchymosis);
Hemorrhagic pericardial content
Trachea: diffuse congestion (severe)
Lung: Multifocal (ecchymosis) pulmonary acute hemorrhages diffuse congestion and edema (severe); focal emphysema
Meningeal congestion and edema (diffuse, severe)