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Table 6 Description of the Avian reovirus isolates involved in this study

From: A TaqMan-based real-time PCR assay for specific detection of novel duck reovirus in China

Isolates Accession number Host Country
TU399 HM751135 Avian Tunis
TU430 HM751137 Avian Tunis
TU96 HM751139 Avian Tunis
TU97.2 HM751141 Avian Tunis
TU420 HM751143 Avian Tunis
TU5 HM751145 Avian Tunis
TU105B6 HM751147 Avian Tunis
TU1390 HM751149 Avian Tunis
S1133 AF330703 Avian Spain
SD10–1 KP288863 Avian China
TARV-MN9 KF872241 Avian USA
TARV-MN10 KF872242 Avian USA
LY383 MF183217 Avian China
MW9710 AY580159 Muscovy duck China
ZJ99 AY619690 Muscovy duck China
C4 DQ066924 Muscovy duck China
S12 DQ643970 Muscovy duck China
TH11 JX826587 Duck China
NP03 KC312699 Duck China
QY KF689545 Duck China
S1 KF154116 Duck China
SDHZYC MK789277 Duck China