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Table 4 Tamhane’s T2 all-pairs comparison test for normally distributed data with unequal variances stage of life vs. stages of life for percentages of TCRγδ+ cells (significant difference when P ≤ 0.05)

From: Profile of gamma-delta (γδ) T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood of crossbreed dogs during stages of life and implication in aging

Stage of life Stages of life P
Puppy vs. Junior 1.000
Adult 0.761
Mature 0.251
Senior 0.049
Junior vs. Puppy 1.000
Adult 0.679
Mature 0.041
Senior 0.000
Adult vs. Puppy 0.761
Junior 0.679
Mature 0.632
Senior 0.015
Mature vs. Puppy 0.251
Junior 0.040
Adult 0.632
Senior 0.297
Senior vs. Puppy 0.049
Junior 0.000
Adult 0.015
Mature 0.297
  1. Stage of life of the dogs associated with a P value for statistical significance are highlighted in bold characters