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Table 1 Clincial information on the pet animals and the Babesia spp. identified in the present study

From: Molecular evidence of piroplasm infection in companion animals in Hunan Province, China

  Samples ID Clinical signs Size of PCR product (bp) Identified pathogens Accession number
Species Animal breed Age Sex     
Dog Miniature schnauzer 11 month Female Fever and cough 407, 1405 B. canis MH143375, MH143390
Japanese Spitz 3 year Male lethargy 408, 1419 B. canis MH143376, MH143391
Chinese Field Dog 5 year Male Fever 408, 1406 B. canis MH143377, MH143392
Border collie 1 year Female No signs of babesiosis 407, 1405 B. canis MH143378, MH143393
Poodle 7 year Female Loss of appetite 405, 1404 B. vogeli MH143379, MH143394
Cat Garfield 3 month Male No signs of babesiosis 403, 1413 B. hongkongensis MH143381, MH143396
British shorthair cat 7 month Female No signs of babesiosis 403, 1400 B. hongkongensis MH143382, MH143397