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Table 2 Culicoides allergens used for bead coupling to provide the allergen specific matrix of the allergen multiplex assay

From: Cul o 2 specific IgG3/5 antibodies predicted Culicoides hypersensitivity in a group imported Icelandic horses

Culicoides Species Allergen Fluorescent bead No. Origin Expression system
C. obsoletus Cul o 2 40 Germany Pichia pastoris
Cul o 3 a 39 Germany Pichia pastoris
Cul o 3 (degly) a 37 Germany Pichia pastoris
Apyrase 41 Germany Insect cells (sf+)
C. nubeculosus Cul n 3 36 Iceland Barley
Cul n 4 34 Iceland Barley
Cul n 8 42 Germany Pichia pastoris
C. sonorensis Cul s 1 33 Cornell E. coli
Cul s D7 38 Cornell E. coli
  1. a Cul o 3 was used as originally expressed in Pichia pastoris. The same protein was also used in a deglycosylated form