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Table 1 Clinical scoring system for seasonal Culicoides hypersensitivity in horses used for the longitudinal evaluation of clinical signs of allergy

From: Cul o 2 specific IgG3/5 antibodies predicted Culicoides hypersensitivity in a group imported Icelandic horses

Clinical sign Grade Score Maximal score
Pruritus No mane or tail scratching 0  
Mild mane and/or tail scratching 1  
Moderate mane and/or tail scratching 2  
Intense mane and tail scratching 3 3
Alopecia None 0  
Few broken hairs one location 1  
Several locations with broken hairs 2  
Moderate hair loss, mane or tail 3  
Severe hair loss, mane and tail 4 4
Skin irritation/dermatitis No skin irritation 0  
Mild dermatitis, one location 1  
Moderate dermatitis, several locations 2  
Dermatitis with skin lesions 3 3
Total score   10