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Table 2 Effect of dietary ZnO-NPs supplementation on lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress biomarkers in liver and brain tissues of Japanese quails

From: Impact of dietary zinc oxide nanoparticles on selected serum biomarkers, lipid peroxidation and tissue gene expression of antioxidant enzymes and cytokines in Japanese quail

Parameters Dietary groups SEM P values
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
MDA(nM/g tissue) 27.20a 21.50b 19.63b 17.63b 1.39 0.04
NO (nM /g tissue) 0.15a 0.46b 0.52b 0.67c 0.06 0.0001
GSH (nM /g tissue) 12.50a 12.72a 17.95b 18.19b 0.89 0.002
GSSG (nM /g tissue) 0.29a 0.21b 0.20b 0.16b 0.01 0.04
MDA (nM /g tissue) 23.48a 16.38b 14.77b 14.47b 1.33 0.02
NO (nM /g tissue) 0.16a 0.36b 0.41b 0.52b 0.04 0.006
GSH (nM /g tissue) 9.05a 11.32a 15.51b 16.44b 1.01 0.003
GSSG (nM /g tissue) 0.24a 0.16b 0.14b 0.12b 0.01 0.04
  1. a−c Means within a row not sharing a common superscript differ significantly with corresponding p value
  2. Group 1: control; Group 2: ZnO-NPs 15 mg/kg diet; Group 3: ZnO-NPs 30 mg/kg diet; Group 4: ZnO-NPs 60 mg/kg diet
  3. Abbreviations: ZnO-NPs zinc oxide nano particles, nM nanomole, SEM Standard error of mean, MDA malonaldehyde, NO Nitric oxide, GSH reduced glutathione, GSSG oxidized glutathione