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Table 2 Biological data of cats with FeMV-positive results

From: Molecular epidemiology and genome analysis of feline morbillivirus in household and shelter cats in Thailand

Sample type Sample No. a Sex b Clinical sign c Rapid test d
Urine U16 F (n) CI
U36 M (n) CI
U44 F (n) CI
U48 M (n) CI
U50 F (n) CI
U55 F (n) CI
CTL-8 M (n) UTD n/a n/a
CTL-15 M (n) UTD n/a n/a
CTL-16 M (n) UTD n/a n/a
CTL-25 n/a UTD n/a n/a
CTL-32 M UTD n/a n/a
CTL-43 M UTD n/a n/a
CTL-58 M UTD n/a n/a
CTL-60 M CKD + DM n/a n/a
CTL-63 M UTD n/a n/a
CTL-70 n/a UTD n/a n/a
CTL-89 n/a UTD n/a n/a
CTL-90 M UTD n/a n/a
CTL-100 n/a CKD n/a n/a
Blood E11 F (n) CI
E20 F (n) CI
E23 F (n) CI
E25 M (n) CI
E27 F (n) CI
E29 M (n) CI +
E32 F (n) CI
E49 M (n) CI
E51 M (n) CI
E53 M (n) CI
E56 F (n) CI
E61 F (n) CI +
  1. a U = urine from shelter cat, CTL = urine from household cat, E = blood from shelter cat
  2. b F = female, M = male, (n) = neutered, n/a = no data available
  3. c CI = clinically insignificant, CKD = chronic kidney disease, DM = diabetes mellitus, UTD = urinary tract disease
  4. d FeLV Ag = feline leukemia virus antigen, FIV Ab = feline immunodeficiency virus antibody, − = negative, + = positive