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Table 5 References of the primers utilized in this study

From: Interstitial changes after reperfused myocardial infarction in swine: morphometric and genetic analysis

Gene Reference Gene Reference
TNF-α qSscCID0014087 TIMP1 qSscCED0019748
BSG qSscCED0014523 TIMP2 qSscCED0008300
TGF-β qSscCID0018090 TIMP3 qSscCED0010478
CTGF qSscCED0011014 TIMP4 qSscCID0004859
MMP2 qSscCID0011742 COL1A1 qSscCED0020342
MMP9 qSscCID003617 COL3A1 qSscCID0003467
MMP14 qSscCED0016833 FN1 qSscCID0003939
MMP15 qSscCID0012408 LAMB2 qSscCED0011174
MMP16 qSscCID0002889 GAPDH qSscCED0017494
  1. Abbreviations: BSG Basigin; COL Collagen; CTGF Connective tissue growth factor; FN Fibronectin; LAMB Laminin; MMP Metalloproteinases; TGF Transforming growth factor; TIMP Tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases: TNF Tumor necrosis factor