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Table 2 Least squares means of log CFU/mL of M. bovis

From: The addition of Lactobacillus spp. negatively affects Mycoplasma bovis viability in bovine cervical mucus

Condition Composition Log CFU/ml of M. bovis1
1 CM + MB 7.19a
4 CM + MB + L1 7.04a
5 CM+ MB + L2 3.77b
6 SP4 + MB + L1 8.05c
7 SP4 + MB + L2 7.82d
  1. a, b, c, d: Means with different superscripts between conditions differ significantly (P < 0.05). 1Standard error of the mean (SEM): 0.08. CM: cervical mucus. MB: M. bovis. SP4: Specific medium for Mycoplasma spp. isolation (conditions without CM). L1: Lactobacillus spp. at a concentration of 3.24 × 106 UFC/mL. L2: Lactobacillus spp. at a concentration of 3.24 × 108 UFC/mL. Conditions not contaminated with mycoplasmas are not included