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Table 2 The prevalence of microsporidia in pet rabbits by breed, age, and sex in southwestern China

From: First identification and genotyping of Enterocytozoon bieneusi and Encephalitozoon spp. in pet rabbits in China

GroupNo. of testedNo. of positivePrevalence (%)95% CIP-value
 Dutch rabbit2055828.322.1–34.50.68
 New Zealand Rabbit972424.716.2–33.3 
 Lop ear rabbit942021.313.0–29.6 
 Pygmy rabbit801822.513.3–31.7 
 Pearl rabbit651726.215.5–36.8 
 Lion head rabbit43818.67.0–30.2 
Age (months)
  ≤ 61654124.818.3–31.40.01
  ≥ 121033735.926.7–45.2